Levels of Service

  1. Analysis and Reporting Only – The client hospital already has equipment and the trained staff to run the physiology testing. They either do not have access to qualified physiologists who can provide valid interpretation and analysis, or simply want to dedicate their facility to run more procedures so that they can catch up with their heavy demand and leave the analysis and interpretation which if done in precise manner can be very time consuming to the third party provider. In this level of service, the acquired data from the patients will be transferred through secured mailing system used by NHS and other government organisations to the GI Cognition for analysis.
  2. Manpower and Analysis – The client hospital only has the physiology testing equipment but not the staff to perform the procedures as well as not having access to qualified physiologists for the analysis of the data. The patients are booked on certain days by the hospital and trained staff from the GI Cognition will travel to the hospital to perform the procedures. Then the level one of the service will follow.
  3. Full Physiology Service – The client hospital does not have any element of a GI Physiology service but they would like to provide this service in their hospital to avoid delays in care and also to enhance the level of care to their patients. GI Cognition staff transit all the equipment required for this service to the client hospital and provide the full service. The client hospital will not need to invest in any of the staffing or equipment other than providing a suitable room temporarily for running the service on the days dedicated for this service.

    Levels of service available from the mobile GI physiology:

    This service is extremely flexible to the demand of your local hospital

Analysis + ReportingAnalysis + Reporting + StaffFull Physiology Service:
Analysis + Reporting + Staff + Equipment
Client hospital is a provider of the tests but is suffering from long waiting list due to limitation in staffing.
Client hospital happened to have the equipment but do not have expert team for running the procedures and analysis.
Client hospital do not have any of the staff or equipment.
GI Cognition will provide the physiology team to assist with the analysis and reporting so that the in-house team can do more procedures*.*Analysis and reporting takes the same amount of time or more than the actual procedures.GI Cognition will provide the physiology team to both run the tests and analyse.GI Cognition will provide the equipment and the physiology team to run the tests.Client hospital provides a suitable room and books their patients on certain dates of up to 5 reflux monitoring and 8 manometry procedures per day.

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