Why Mobile GI Physiology?

Why MOBILE GI Physiology?

There is a significantly growing demand for oesophageal manometry and reflux monitoring. Only in one of the hospitals in London, there has been a 500% increase in referrals for these tests from 2010 to 2017. However, there is also a significant shortage of service across the UK leaving to frustration for patients and hospital staff as well as clinicians who are involved above tests.

Why patients are frustrated? 

Patients are already in pain due to their symptoms. They also have to be prepared for these uncomfortable procedures. But they have to travel across the country to reach to a test centre. These involve travelling from town to town across the UK in the cold, hot, rain or snow. It is not all about sceneries but rather for the significant inconvenience involved.

  • The patients have to spend a fortune on these tests: to arrange childcare, travel costs, accommodation and food, loss of income due to taking off work and spending the invaluable time.
  • With all the above costs yet the patients have to wait to see a specialist, to be referred for the test, to receive the test results, to go back to their specialists and discuss the results and eventually receive the care they need desperately for long.

Why hospitals staff are frustrated?

The hospitals who do not have GI physiology service have to refer their patients to those who do. Referring hospitals have to wait to receive test results for their patients who are impatiently waiting and querying. Receiving hospitals have to work very hard to complete the tests for a high number of patients. Both referring and receiving hospitals staff have to deal with complaints, work pressure and strains and delayed care.

Where is the problem?

  • It is very highly costly to run a GI physiology service: expensive equipment, recruiting GI physiologists and most importantly having few patients to justify all these costs.
  • There are very few appropriately trained GI physiologists across the UK.

What are the consequences of this shortage of GI physiology service?

  • Excessive and unnecessary delay in care
  • Excessive and unnecessary costs of care for hospitals, CCGs and health authorities
  • Excessive inconvenience to patients and hospital staff
  • Posing risk on patients using:
    – Wrong equipment: outdated manometry and pH-only machines not fulfilling the current guidelines
    – Wrong staff: Using “any” staff such as gastroenterologists, nurses, etc… available with minimal or no physiology knowledge to run the tests.
    – Wrong testing protocols, wrong test for purpose…
    – Mislead treatments as a result of misuse of GI physiology testings
All for the service the patients could have in the convenience of their local hospital and GP surgeries!

What is the solution?

To overcome all the struggles above, there is a need for a new model of providing GI physiology service:

  • Service with no frontier, available everywhere in the UK both for primary care and specialist care alike.
  • Service that does not require any capital investment to purchase equipment or recruit staff.
  • There should not be any need for ‘patients’ to travel across the UK with all the hassles related.
  • Test appointment and test results should be available in the shortest time period to avoid patient care.
  • No hospital staff should suffer stress related to either requesting or providing GI physiology service.

We established GI Cognition Ltd. that ticks all the boxes above. GI Cognition provides mobile GI physiology service everywhere in the UK in a pay-per-service method.

How does mobile GI physiology service work?

  • The Hospitals/CCGs/GPs book their patients on a certain day.
  • GI Cognition dispatches their fully trained team with all the equipment to perform the tests at the location.
  • Results with full details and clinically applicable comments are sent to clinicians shortly.
  • Done!


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